Google Calendar Support & Some Progress

June 21, 2020

Even More Progress!

As far as I know, many folks use either G-Suite (Google’s, well, suite of work products) or Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. I’ve used G-Suite for the past few years but I wanted to make sure I added support for Outlook to isBusy so it could help the most people possible.

Adding support was…interesting, to say the least. I’ve used Google’s OAuth-based APIs before and while they aren’t perfect, they are pretty easy to work with and well-enough documented. Integrating with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) was a little more compliated. I found a myriad of resources in Azure pointing me in different directions. I also found that the JS libraries for Azure AD were in the middle of being updated, so I had quite a few start-and-stop experiences. I found myself:

  • starting to use and then stopping the use of an old azure node AD library
  • forking the @msal/node library to try to get it to work (it wasn’t published yet)
  • trying several Azure libraries for node
  • following several well-done but outdated tutorials

…all without success.

So, I ended up just generating the authorization URLs myself after a bit of frustrating research and stalled implementation. This was honestly easier than the whole process of installing, trying, scrapping, etc. etc. Once I get everything working, though, the Microsoft Graph Client was actually pretty pleasurable to work with.

But the good news is that there’s now support for Outlook! If you use outlook for work, you’ll need to ask your AD admin to approve isBusy. I think I’ll include an easy message people can copy/paste in an email or message to make the proces easier.

Hopefully launching this is next!

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